What Is The Meaning of Life? A Guide to Discovering Your Purpose

The meaning of life is one of those sought-after quests that can never honestly be answered. There are just too many opinions and personal definitions for any one meaning to be true for everyone. Also, certain life topics, such as true love and authentic self, can only partially be described with words.Some will say that […]

8 Black-Owned U.S. Hotels You Should Know

For Us, By UsIt’s time to hit the road for a new adventure, but not sure where to stay? With so many platforms for housing these days, it’s always important for Black people to support Black people. It’s also important while you travel!We have gathered eight Black-Owned Hotels across the United States of America that […]

HBCU Money’s 2022 Top 10 HBCU Endowments

When the PWIs have a cold, then HBCUs have pneumonia. That common saying in African America is as true today as ever, and among HBCU endowments in 2022, it reverberated across the landscape. Of the top ten HBCUs that reported their endowments to NACUBO, only two out of ten showed a positive gain versus three […]


Each year, high school students nationwide start a journey to sharpen their skills through the Afro-Academic, Cultural, Technological, and Scientific Olympics (ACT-SO). Participants work with community-based volunteers for a year to develop projects and performances from visual arts and business to performing and culinary arts. The experience culminates in local and national events where students […]

Music Makes Us – Celebration of Music Teachers

All MNPS music teachers are invited to join us at a special celebration in their honor on Thursday, March 30! Thanks to our presenting sponsor QuaverEd! Details and formal inventions will be sent out soon. Metro Nashville Public Schools.


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